You know that moment when something has to give?

I’ve been re-reading some coaching notes from my past one to one, Skiing with Confidence coaching clients when I was reminded of something someone said that really hit home for her…

Her then boyfriend was a constant source of her pain on the slopes increasing her nervousness and anxiety with his jibes and comments but it was when he made this comment to her that something in her clicked and she knew that, in order to improve her skiing AND her life, she had to make some changes.

So what exactly did he say?  this is it…

‘You ski like you live!


She immediately felt the blade of the knife he’d just thrown.  She felt the pain. BUT…

She knew exactly what he meant.

She spent her life on and off the slope apologising for her existence, not wanting to let others down, feeling inadequate, not good enough, making sure everyone else was happy even if she wasn’t.  Her self worth and self esteem were at rock bottom and it wasn’t pretty!

So yes – she skied as she lived… apologetically, worrying about holding other people up, spoiling their fun.  When she imagined falling she immediately worried about hurting someone else, not herself, some random stranger she didn’t even yet know!  And now, knowing this, I know you know exactly how she lived too!

My question to you is… Do you ski how you live and live how you ski?   And how is that?

My client got incredible benefits from my Skiing with Confidence coaching course – both on and off the slopes!

She decided to be courageous, to forgive herself, to ask for what she wants and needs.  She learned to change certain words she was using to herself and to ask for help and support when she needed it and she decided to have just one goal…. to have FUN!

And I know that you now know exactly how she lives now too!


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