How to increase your confidence with perfect balance

I know you know this and I might be stating the obvious but skiing is all about balance!

Dynamic balance to be exact, aka the ability to maintain equilibrium while in motion.  So surely, it makes sense that if you are in perfect balance in your boots and on your skis before you even move, maintaining your balance when moving just has to be easier right?  I did warn you I was stating the obvious here!

But what isn’t so obvious is that the ski boots you wear, that exoskeleton you wrap around the outside of your feet and shins, is actually forcing you OUT of balance.  Believe it or not, most boots are not made to stand you flat, they are usually built to stand you slightly on your edges.  Adding to this the fact that your physiology isn’t likely to be spot on the original design, means that when you are stood in your boots on your skis you are certainly not in perfect balance.

Have you ever noticed how your body feels when you’re out of balance?  Try it now, stand on one leg and close your eyes, notice how the muscles around your feet and ankles twitch and fight to keep you upright.  You might also notice how the rest of your body moves and strains instinctively to stop you from falling over.

All this extraneous movembalance_testing-300x300ent uses up energy and inhibits you.

And I’m certain you can now see how this will make your skiing more inefficient and less effective.  Your body isn’t at ease and you simply cannot feel absolutely confident when you’re body is already fighting to stay balanced.

But do not worry, there is an answer to all this.  It’s known as Skier Balance and Alignment.

I first came across this about 12 years ago and, with my knowledge of anatomy & physiology, it made absolute common sense to me.  I not only immediately had my own alignment sorted out, I also trained to be able to align other skiers.

So this year, when I faced the music and admitted it was time to buy new ski boots I got straight onto Colin at Solutions 4 Feet in Bicester here in the UK, and Andi McCann of  Alpine McCannix to book an alignment session.

Most of the work (in fact all of mine) is done inside your boot, starting off with a perfect, custom made insole followed by balance work on the high tech SBS neutralizer with Andi where he fits the angle of the boot, both laterally and fore/aft to the angle of your lower leg and feet.  The final part, if necessary, takes place between the underside of the boot and the bindings.

By the end of the session I was beautifully aligned and in perfect balance!  I’m now ready to head off to the Alps next week and test it all out!  So exciting!

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