With this program you will learn

  • How to improve your skiing confidence without spending more money on lessons
  • That confident skiing is 80% ATTITUDE and only 20% SKILL
  • How to easily change your old fearful patterns by addressing three simple areas
  • How to save money, time and emotion by improving your skiing before you head off to the mountains

“Well what can I say …. !! The change in my skiing was unbelievable !! ”
Carmel M

and this is what you get…

  • Expert Online Coaching - A series of eight online coaching videos put together especially by me to take you through the coaching process that my one to one clients already get great results with
  • The Workbooks - to assist your learning throughout the coaching sessions. Capture your light bulb moments!
  • The Best Selling E Book – Skiing with Confidence - Stunningly Simple Steps to Overcome your Fear on the Slopes and Transform your Skiing for immediate download to your hard drive, freshly updated with the science behind the tips, simply explained to answer the question ‘How does this work?’
  • The Audio Recording of the Book – Skiing with Confidence - Stunningly Simple Steps to Overcome your Fear on the Slopes and Transform your Skiing for you to listen to anywhere, any time
  • The Visualisation/ Relaxation Recording – a 30 minute recording for you to listen to anywhere, anytime, as often as you wish in order to rewire your thought patterns and transform your skiing before you even reach the slopes
  • Lifetime Premium Membership - with access to any new content added in the future.
  • Ongoing Support - I pride myself on offering not only a first class product but also first rate support. If you have any questions or problems you can contact me directly by email and I will respond fast (usually within 24 hours).


All this for just $97

“For me it was the simplicity of your tips that made them so valuable – they were easy to remember and apply.  There is so often a temptation to over-complicate things in life, so I applaud you for not going down that route!

I have also found myself unexpectedly applying your techniques in other areas of my life, which has been a great bonus.  Thank you so much”
Claire B
I appreciate you might still not be ready to jump in right now so I just wanted to let you know that you can get the book from the Kindle Store at Amazon.co.uk or here on Amazon.com. And remember, there’s also a link inside the book to download your free copy of the Skiing with Confidence Relaxation and Visualisation Recording.

Here is the deal: My skiing totally changed as a result of taking action on the knowledge I’ve given you in this course . And trust me, If I can do it so can you. If you are a skier who is currently fearful, nervous or anxious when you’re out there on the slopes yet love skiing… I know this is going to work for you if you follow the blueprint and put in the effort.  I’m so confident that yours will too, that I will make this guarantee to you: If within 90 days, after sending in your completed worksheets after each session along with any questions you have, you have made no improvements, you will be issued a 100% refund. I promise to work with you on any points where you feel you’re not ‘getting it’.  After all, your success is my business!’

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