Five Top Tips for buying a Ski Helmet

Feeling safe and comfortable goes a long way to improving your confidence and reducing anxiety when you’re skiing and one easy way to help achieve this is to wear a helmet.

When I first learnt to ski only kids wore them, then they became the domain of ‘hardcore’ snow boarders but now they really are de riguer and, in my view, an essential piece of kit.

Here’s my top 5 tips to look out for when buying your helmet:

  1. Get the right SIZE:  Helmets are usually sized  in cms.  Measure around the circumference of your head with a cloth tape measure just above the eyebrows.
  2. Get the right SHAPE:  Different helmets are made for different shaped heads.  You may have the correct size but if it doesn’t feel comfortable try a different model.
  3. Go for VENTS:  Vents will help you stay ventilated.  Choose one with lots of vents that can be easily closed or opened.  Giro are my personal favourite
  4. Make sure your GOGGLES fit: Take your goggles along with you to check the fit.  Most goggles nowadays are specially hinged to  be worn with a helmet.  Remember – your goggles need to sit firmly against your face with no gaps.  Also, check out the fit between your helmet and the top of your goggles.  Again, make sure their are no gaps – nothing worse than freezer burn!
  5. Check the WEIGHT: Most helmets are extremely light nowadays but remember this will add to your baggage weight (I’ve yet to see someone wearing theirs on board although I wouldn’t be surprised!)  The weight will also add to it’s wear-ability
Whichever make or model you choose GET IT RIGHT!  You want to be happy to wear it all the time.  After a while it becomes second nature and skiing without your helmet is akin to driving without wearing your seat belt.

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